H Red Bull γιορτάζει φτιάχνοντας Donuts στο Θεό...

Προκειμένου να γιορτάσει η Red Bull το τέταρτο συνεχόμενο πρωτάθλημα οδηγών και κατασκευαστών ανέβασε ένα μονοθέσιο της στο ελικοδρόμιο του διάσημου πλέον Burj Al Arab στο Dubai.

Τα donuts "φτιάχνει" ο David Coulthard.

To celebrate winning the Formula One Drivers' and Constructors' Championships for the fourth consecutive year, we ran one of our Formula One cars at one of the most recognised locations on earth.

 Perched 210 metres above the sea, on a helipad 24 metres wide, our 750bhp Formula One car became the first to run on the Burj Al Arab helipad in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Usually reserved for on-track use, the car was involved in a spectacular show of burning rubber and tyre smoke, against a stunning backdrop of the Arabian Gulf, overlooking scenic views of Dubai's impressive skyline.
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