O 24ωρος αγώνας Karting στο Le Mans ξεκινά στις 17 Σεπτεμβρίου

H εκκίνηση του 31ου 24ωρου αγώνα στο Le Mans  θα δοθεί στις 17 Σεπτεμβρίου και ώρα 15:00 στο Le Mans Karting International Circuit.

Ο ιστορικός αλλά και ταυτόχρονα διεθνής 24ωρος αγώνας είναι ενταγμένος στο  CIK-FIA Endurance Championship.

Αναλυτικά το δελτίο τύπου για τον αγώνα:

The start of the 24 Hours Karting will be on Saturday, September 17th at 3 o'clock on the Le Mans Karting International Circuit. The 31st edition of the event will mark an important development in the history of the great endurance karting meeting. The close collaboration between the Automobile Club de l'Ouest and the CIK-FIA has given rise to international recognition of this unique race in the world as a true official CIK-FIA Endurance Championship.

Created in 1986 at Le Mans, the 24 Hours Karting has a very rich history with memories of all kinds. The ACO had long wanted to promote the sport internationally in the same way it with cars (24 Hours of Le Mans), motorcycles (24 Hours Motorcycles) and trucks (24 Hours Trucks). As well as a very demanding sporting and human test, the 24 Hours Karting is an irreplaceable field test for the reliability of the equipment (chassis, engines and tyres) and a stepping stone to other motorsport disciplines for drivers.

The joint determination of the ACO and the CIK-FIA to internationalise the event gave birth to the new CIK-FIA Endurance Championship framework. The aim is to attract manufacturers and factory teams racing at present in international sprint, while giving a wider audience to the event worldwide. Positive feedback has already been given regarding the commitment of factory teams.

This collaboration results in the application of the CIK-FIA regulations for the new OK category to Group 1. Powerful and reliable, recently homologated OK engines evidenced by their simplicity and a return to the Original Karting which should attract more participants. There are some specific circumstances for the class.

Furthermore, the technical regulations for Groups 2 and 3 are consistent with the French Endurance Championship. Like the 56th stand of 24 Hours of Le Mans, the ACO has introduced a fourth group, called the Innovation Group, for 4 stroke engines or innovative technological projects to be approved by the organising committee.

LeCont, a long-term Endurance tyre partner, has been retained as the exclusive manufacturer to equip all the participants in the 24 Hours Karting.

Now on the CIK-FIA international calendar, the the 24 Hours Karting is open to all teams, both French and foreign, and the commitment is not in any way conditional on participation in the French Endurance Championship.

Registration for participation in the 2016 24 Hours Karting is open now and will close on August 29th at midnight. The maximum number of teams is 40.

The complete rules of the competition are available for download below, and the Group 1 registration form. Entry for Groups 2 and 3 is directly managed by KMO, the promoter of the French Endurance Championship.

Pierre Fillon, the President of the Automobile Club de l'Ouest: "The creation of the Circuit Le Mans Karting International and its homologation in 2013 allowed the ASK ACO to reconnect with the organisation of international races and get back on to the world stage of karting. The recognition of the 24 Hours Karting, the ACO flagship event of endurance karting, as the official CIK-FIA Endurance Championship will strengthen and reinforce our commitment to the internationalisation of Karting at Le Mans and we are very happy with the work done with the CIK-FIA. This development will provide a global audience for the 24 Hours Karting and allow room for new manufacturers and factory teams.

"Karting is the basis of motorsport. It's a real talent pool where young drivers can develop and improve all their skills of driving to reach the highest level, so it is essential to give the disciple a maximum radiation.

"Endurance, speed, sportsmanship, friendliness and suspense are the watchwords at Karting Le Mans and I am convinced that the 31st edition of the 24 Hours Karting marks a turning point for the now international event."

Kees van de Grint, Vice President CIK-FIA: "I've always been a big fan of endurance races. Even when I was a schoolboy, I followed the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans race. The adventures, the technical challenge, teamwork and, last but not least, the struggle of men and machines to survive, this is all stamina and discipline and I speak knowingly. As a kart driver, I participated in several 6 hours and 24 hours events. The last was the CIK-FIA Endurance Championship in 1972.

So I was very pleased that the ACO gave the CIK-FIA the chance to give the 24 Hours Karting official championship status. I had no doubt on this point, because I think this race is an excellent platform to promote the new OKe ngine. The simplicity and power of this engine are exactly what it takes to ensure victory. "

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